The Perfect Aluminum Beer Bottle Accessory

Beer Froster

Beer Froster

If you like your beer cold, this is the perfect accessory for you.

Oenophiles have their wine refrigerators. Now beer aficionados can have perfectly chilled beer using this appliance called the Beer Froster.

According to, a beer chilled in their device “is so cold that the moisture that condenses on it from the air will flash-freeze. It will literally fall out of the air as frost. When you open the beer to drink, a small amount of water may flash-freeze on the surface, extending the coldness. This should re-melt when drunk or decanted.”

But here’s the most important point, at least for me. says that “The coldest beer is going to be in an aluminum bottle. Due to its shape and composition, it will accept the lowest temperatures.”

Maybe that new La Benedicta aluminum beer bottle would be a perfect match for this beer froster :)