Aluminum Bottles/Packaging Demand Growing

Alcoa Logo

Alcoa Logo

We know that the demand for aluminum bottles and all sorts of aluminum packaging is really growing.

We see it in the steady stream of new products packaged in aluminum bottles. This blog has chronicled some of them including aluminum bottles for perfume, beer, fruit juices, whiskeys, wines, etc.

Aluminum giant Alcoa confirms what we have been seeing in both the consumer and industrial markets. The company sees 2011 global aluminum demand growing by 12% and doubling within 10 years! That is indeed very healthy growth, especially in these dismal economic times. In comparison, steel demand is expected to grow by only 5.3% in 2011.

While a lot of the volume is coming from transportation and infrastructure, Alcoa noted that its packaging segment is up 45%. That represents a lot of growth in usage of aluminum bottles, cans and other aluminum packaging materials.

We can expect continued growth in aluminum bottles, both industrial and consumer, as awareness of aluminum’s advantages especially in environmental friendliness grows.