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New 16 and 32oz Brushed Aluminum Bottles With Tamper Evident Caps!

NEW FROM STOCK We are very excited to present our new range of brushed aluminum bottles with tamper evident cap.  Available by the case, those elegant coated brushed aluminum bottles with tamper evident cap are available from stock in 500ml (16oz) and 1,000ml (32oz). They are perfect to ship and present your finished products. For FREE samples […]

Brushed Aluminum Bottles Now BPA Free

Elemental Container is happy to announce that its entire stock of brushed aluminum bottles is now BPA free. BPA is a common component of hard plastic and epoxy coatings that has been identified as a potential hazard for fetuses, infants, and young children.   The FDA still considers BPA safe at very low levels, but […]

Scentsy Aluminum Bottle for Room Sprays

I’ve blogged about aluminum bottles for perfumes a couple of times. We designed a beautiful bottle for one of our customers, the French parfumeur Molinard. It’s still one of my favorite aluminum bottles. I just came across a new aluminum bottle for a room spray. Finally! I’ve been waiting for something like this for some […]

Aluminum Bottles for Hair Care

Niche, a Canadian manufacturer of premium hair care products, makes a compelling case for the use of aluminum bottles. Here’s their justification for the use of aluminum bottles, straight out of their website: ” So, why aluminum? Aluminum can be recycled endlessly, whereas even recyclable plastic has a limit to how many times it can be […]

Aluminum Bottles for Kabul Aoud Perfume

I don’t immediately associate Afghanistan with perfumes or even aluminum bottles. So I was intrigued to read about the launch of Kabul Aoud, a high-end perfume created by Montale Perfumes.  It is made with essential oils from cedar, guaiacwood and aoud, which is a resinous wood that is quite rare and a target of poachers. […]

Aluminum Bottles for Chocolate Milk

The aluminum milk bottle has returned.  Some older folks will remember when milk used to be delivered to your doorstep in heavy aluminum bottles.  The plain aluminum bottle to the left weighs one pound! Niagara Cooperative Inc., has launched a chocolate milk in a beautifully-decorated aluminum bottle.   As most aluminum bottle afficionados know, these […]

Aluminum Bottle for Chocolate Liqueur

This is probably one of the prettiest aluminum bottles I’ve come across. Lovoka is a drink made with vodka and infused with chocolate and caramel.  It’s bottled in South Africa.  The Lovoka folks say that it is best served ice cold.  You can put the bottle in the freezer and then drink it neat.  Or […]

Aluminum Bottle for Carling Beer Rebranding

It looks like Molson is launching a multi-million rebranding exercise of its premium lager, Carling, using a new aluminum bottle design. As I wrote in my previous post about the trend towards aluminum packaging among craft beer brewers, I believe it’s best to use a classic bottle shape to convey the image of an artisanal […]

The Perfect Aluminum Beer Bottle Accessory

If you like your beer cold, this is the perfect accessory for you. Oenophiles have their wine refrigerators. Now beer aficionados can have perfectly chilled beer using this appliance called the Beer Froster. According to, a beer chilled in their device “is so cold that the moisture that condenses on it from the air […]