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Aluminum Bottles for Bug Spray

We’ve covered a number of consumer beverage applications for aluminum bottles over the last few posts. Here’s an interesting non-beverage application – a bug spray in an aluminum bottle that uses all natural ingredients. BeatIt insect repellent uses lemon grass oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, mint oil, citronella, aloe vera and coconut oil. Some of these […]

Students Protest: Use Aluminum Bottles – Not Plastic

The momentum behind reusable, eco-friendly beverage containers is clearly growing. University of of Texas students recently protested the school’s launching of its own branded bottled water, called H2Orange. Green activists at the university are seeing red when it comes H2Orange. Students are suggesting that the university use aluminum bottles instead of plastic. The youth/student segment […]

Aluminum Bottles – OK’d by Food & Water Watch

I came across an interesting page by Food and Water Watch , “a non-profit organization that advocates for common sense policies that will result in healthy, safe food and access to safe and affordable drinking water. ” They pick aluminum bottles and stainless steel bottles as the most eco-friendly alternatives to packaging water.  In their […]

Aluminum Wine Bottles

Aluminum is finding its way in products that have traditionally been packaged in glass. Case in point: aluminum wine bottles. For purists, it’s almost heretical to put wines in anything else but glass. But clearly some winemakers have found some real advantages in packaging their wine in aluminum bottles. Voute, the French winery, is one […]

The Shrinking – And Greening – Of The Aluminum Can

The Aluminum Association ran an interesting article on “The Ever-Shrinking Aluminum Can”.  Some excerpts: “Beyond aluminum cans’ advantages relating to its “stackability” and high rates of recycling, its light weight gives it an additional environmental edge over many competing packaging formats. Broomfield, Colo.-based Ball Corporation over the past 40 years has pursued “lightweighting” as a […]

Aluminum Is Green Packaging

Aluminum packaging looks very well-positioned in the new “green revolution”. Everything is going green these days – green computing, green buildings, green energy, and of course green packaging. According to the Aluminum Association, “the aluminum industry recovers approximately 54% of the aluminum containers produced in the U.S.” More significantly, the aluminum industry is targeting a […]