Aluminium Bottles Coca Cola for UK Olympics

Coca Cola Olympic Aluminium Bottles

Coca Cola Olympic Aluminium Bottles

Most people in the USA would probably have missed this bit of news about Coca-Cola’s new aluminium bottles.

First – because the news articles used the British spelling – aluminium.  And second, because the USA does not seem to be a priority when it comes to news about new aluminum bottles launched in Europe.

This new series of aluminum bottles was created for the UK Olympics and consists of eight aluminum bottles of different designs.

The new bottles were designed for Coca-Cola and Coke Zero and feature the classic colors of Coca Cola mixed with the colors of the Union Jack.

It’s hard to tell but it seems Coca- Cola has developed special packaging featuring all eight bottles.

They are definitely collectors’ items.

Hopefully, I get to see them here in the USA, if only on ebay.