Jean-Paul Gaultier Aluminum Bottle – for Diet Coke

Gaultier Aluminum Bottle

Gaultier Aluminum Bottle

I’m not exactly sure when this Diet Coke aluminum bottle designed by Jean Paul Gaultier was launched.

But I must admit this is the prettiest aluminum bottle I’ve seen ever. The aluminum bottle collection is themed, “Night & Day” and has the familiar Gaultier female form which is in fact how the original Coca Cola was shaped. Older folks will sometimes say that a woman has “a Coca Cola figure” as a compliment.

I only wish that Gaultier would use aluminum bottles to package his perfumes. After all, it is well known that aluminum bottles can better protect the precious essential essences in perfumes from the effects of sunlight and oxidation.  And of course, give the price of these perfumes, it makes sense to make sure that they last, and aluminum bottles will do a far better job than glass bottles.

The Gaultier bottle is also an excellent example of the decorating possibilities of aluminum bottles.  If you take a look at the bottle, you’ll notice that the bottle’s sides are actually quite straight and not curvy like the original Coke bottle.  I may be wrong ; perhaps this aluminum bottle is actually narrower in the middle (BTW – you can double click on the image to see an enlarged image of the aluminum bottle).

By drawing a curvy woman’s corset, and with masterful use of line and color, the Gaultier aluminum bottles look almost as sexy and curvy as the Gaultier perfume bottles.

In a previous post, I wrote that it would be advisable to keep your expensive perfumes in the fridge to keep them from losing the essences too quickly. If Gaultier packaged his perfumes in aluminum bottles, then you can store both your Diet Coke and Gaultier perfumes in the fridge :)