Aluminum Bottles vs. Steel Gallon Drums

I wanted to devote this post to our 1-gallon seamless aluminum bottle.

Industrial aluminum bottles get very little attention but they play a huge, unheralded role in the storage and transport of the materials that are at the heart of end products like perfumes, vitamins, etc.

The seamless aluminum bottle is an ideal alternative to the more widely used steel gallon drum. First of all, it is 3 times lighter than its steel counterpart so there is the immediate advantage of lower transport costs. The content weight to container weight ratios are better with aluminum bottles. It takes a lot less fuel to transport a gallon of essential oil in our seamless aluminum bottle compared to steel drums.

Handling of aluminum bottles is also easier for humans. Their lighter weight makes them easier to lift. Moreover, aluminum bottle geometries allow for much easier pouring of contents. Take a look at the flat and wide opening of the steel drum in the picture. You can empty the an aluminum bottle to the last drop more efficiently.

I’ll write a little more about the advantages of our seamless aluminum bottle in my next posts.