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Capping Tools for Aluminum Bottles

In addition to sending closure instructions with each order of aluminum bottles, Elemental Container offers capping tools to help you follow our recommendations and comply with hazardous shipping requirements. Proper closure with our capping tools is the best way to prevent leaks. For torque up to 50 inch/lbs., we offer capping tools with preset torque […]

IFEAT conference in Rome, Italy September 21-25

Please join Elemental Container at “The International Federation Of Essential Oils and Aroma Trade Show” in Rome, Italy September 21-25.  Elemental Container, represented by its parent company, Tournaire, will be showcasing its full range of aluminum bottles used for essential oils and flavors.     Stop by booth E27, say hello and learn more about […]

New Pages

It’s not often that we have new web pages. So I’m happy to write this post on a whole series of new pages devoted to packing instructions for our industrial aluminum bottles. It’s not the most exciting topic.  No luminous, glow-in-the-dark aluminum bottles.  No artsy designs using big name fashion designers. But it’s an important topic […] at the 2012 World Perfumery Congress

We’re exhibiting at the 2012 World Perfumery Congress to be held in Connecticut in June. Aluminum bottles have long been recognized as superior packaging for preserving the volatile and expensive essences found in the most expensive perfumes.  We should know.  Our aluminum bottles are used to store those expensive essential oils used as primary ingredients […]

Aluminum Bottles vs. Steel Gallon Drums

I wanted to devote this post to our 1-gallon seamless aluminum bottle. Industrial aluminum bottles get very little attention but they play a huge, unheralded role in the storage and transport of the materials that are at the heart of end products like perfumes, vitamins, etc. The seamless aluminum bottle is an ideal alternative to […]

Anodized Aluminum Bottles

One of great advantages of our wide mouth aluminum bottles is the fact that they can be anodized. Anodizing is described in as “an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.”  You can find anodized aluminum products everywhere including in aircraft parts, architectural materials, and many […]

Aluminum Bottles for Essential Oils

I read an interesting piece recently about the packaging of essential oils. The author writes: “To avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your essential oils, store them in amber or cobalt blue bottles. Dark glass such as amber or cobalt helps to keep out deteriorating sunlight. . . . Some vendors […]

Aluminum Industrial Bottle Type 4 – For Viscous Products

Consumer aluminum bottles typically get all the attention.  So for this post, we decided to focus on one of our less publicized, but very useful products – the Type 4 industrial aluminum bottle, designed for packaging viscous products. Here’s how my online dictionary defines viscous: vis·cous adj ˈvis-kəs : having or characterized by viscosity <viscous […]

Industrial Aluminum Bottle – Weight Advantages

Since I’m in the business, I often take for granted the advantages of using industrial aluminum bottles vs. other packaging alternatives. One of the most basic and overlooked advantages is physical weight. I took four 1-gallon bottles and weighed them. Here are the results: Glass : 2.95lbs Tin : 0.97lbs Aluminum : 0.64lbs Plastic HDPE […]

Aluminum Fuel Bottles

It seems there is growing interest in the use of aluminum bottles for storing gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other fuels. Interest is coming from backpackers, motorcyclists, campers and even some survivalists. No fancy artwork or designs needed for these bottles. Just safety, low weight, portability and durability. So you can expect to see these aluminum […]