Aluminum Bottles for Kabul Aoud Perfume

I don’t immediately associate Afghanistan with perfumes or even aluminum bottles.

So I was intrigued to read about the launch of Kabul Aoud, a high-end perfume created by Montale Perfumes.  It is made with essential oils from cedar, guaiacwood and aoud, which is a resinous wood that is quite rare and a target of poachers.

The aluminum bottle is a beautiful black.  As we all know, aluminum is superior to glass in protecting against sunlight.

Searching on Amazon, I found some of Montale’s perfumes retailing at $210 for a 3.3 oz. bottle.  That’s almost $64 an ounce!

If you read my previous post on how to store perfumes to make them last, then you should probably stick this aluminum bottle in the refrigerator.