Aluminum Bottles for Chocolate Milk

The aluminum milk bottle has returned.  Some older folks will remember when milk used to be delivered to your doorstep in heavy aluminum bottles.  The plain aluminum bottle to the left weighs one pound!

Aluminum Milk Bottle

Old Aluminum Milk Bottle

Niagara Cooperative Inc., has launched a chocolate milk in a beautifully-decorated aluminum bottle.   As most aluminum bottle afficionados know, these bottles can chill fast and stay colder longer.

I like the product’s name – Crave.  I like the bottle design even more.  With the rich chocolate brown color, there’s no mistaking what’s inside this aluminum bottle. They also made the cap chocolate brown.

Supposedly, these bottles are “frost free”.  But what is more interesting is that because of the company’s pasteurization process, this chocolate milk can actually be stored at room temperature!

I wonder where in the supermarket you can find this product then? Should I look in the refrigerated sections, where the usual milk and juice cartons are – or should I try looking in the bottled juices section?