Rare Aluminum Bottles

Budweiser Aluminum Bottle

The increasing popularity of aluminum bottles especially in the beverage industry has spawned a collectors’ market for rare aluminum bottles.

Interestingly enough, the rarest and priciest aluminum bottles are unopened. Collectors seem to value aluminum bottles that are in pristine state, with caps intact, no visible dents, etc. It seems they don’t particularly care about consuming the contents. Unlike the wine market, these aluminum bottles are clearly being valued for their packaging and not the contents. Wine collectors buy rare wines with the expectation that they will eventually open the bottles for that special occasion. But it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a market for empty bottles of rare wines.

The bottle pictured here is a St. Patrick’s Day Budweiser Light Aluminum 16 oz. bottle listed on ebay. The bottle still has a cap but is empty. Price: $7.99.

No doubt the limited edition bottles such as the Canary Islands Beer bottle which we featured in a previous post will be on collectors’ lists.