Aluminum Beer Bottles – A Worldwide Trend

I’ve been puzzled by the relatively few retail outlets that carry beverages and other products in aluminum bottles.

It seems there are a lot of new products that are being packaged in aluminum bottles, but I’ve wondered how widespread its adoption has been outside the USA and other industrialized countries. It appears that even smaller countries have adopted the aluminum bottle. The Hungarian website lists over 40 countries with beers packaged in aluminum bottles. Case in point: the Foroya Bjor Lager from the Faroe Islands.

I’d never heard of the Faroe Islands. According to Wikipedia, the Faroe Islands are an autonomous province of the Kingdom of Denmark with a population of just 50,000. Now this tiny little group of islands has its own brewery – Föroya Bjór – which has been producing beer since 1888!

They’ve been forward looking enough to package at least one of their beers in an aluminum bottle. Impressive indeed.