Legends Aluminum Beer Bottle

Legends Aluminum Bottle

Legends Aluminum Bottle

I’ve never heard of Legends Beer.

But then again there are a lot of artisanal and craft beers that I’ve never heard of.   As I’ve posted in the past, the beer market is fairly mature and innovative packaging, such as aluminum bottles,  is one of the marketing levers used to keep product sales going.

This relatively unknown brand is using aluminum bottles for its premium lager.  A gutsy move, in my opinion.  Most secondary brands would probably opt for cheaper glass bottles or even cans.

Legend has focused on strategic partnerships with various sports “legends,” such as boxer Larry Holmes and hockey player Gordie Howe.

Legend beer was made by an amateur homebrewer.  The lager comes in a 16 oz aluminum bottle.

I will definitely monitor this beer’s progress.  I just wish I could get it here on the east coast.