Aluminum Milk Bottles

Upstate Niagara Cooperative in Buffalo, NY is launching a chocolate-flavored dairy beverage that they are calling Crave.

Crave is supposedly “shelf-stable” and comes in an aluminum bottle. They also claim that it also “provides superior taste”. I think it’s safe to say that most consumers are conscious of sell-by dates for perishable products such as milk. Most of them also buy their milk in cartons or plastic bottles in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets. The last time I saw aluminum milk bottles was in a carnival. They were stacked together for people to knock down with balls.

That’s why Crave is an interesting “retro” product that takes advantage of the green movement to provide a product with a well-known need.

Products such as Crave are ultra-pasteurized and can be left unrefrigerated on store shelves for two months.
The light-proof properties of aluminum bottles are probably a plus for letting dairy products keep longer without spoiling. It’s certainly a boon for retailers.

Crave isn’t out yet, but I will certainly watch out for it.

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