Another Packaging Award for Aluminum Bottles

Fusion Aluminum Bottle

Fusion Aluminum Bottle

The aluminum bottle used by the folks at Canella Wine has won another award for Best Packaging at the 2011 Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards in Washington, D.C. This time, it was for the OCÓO Beauty Drink which is supposedly made from red “power” berries.

I have no idea what a power berry is but the OCÓO design is certainly powerful.

I wanted to point out a very powerful statistic – this Ocoo bottle is only 10% of the weight of a comparable glass bottle!

It is the perfect RTD package – easily transported, easily handled, easily disposed and 100% recyclable.

I am especially impressed by the bottle decoration. I’ve already posted about several very artistic designs ranging from the Mountain Dew aluminum bottles series to the designer aluminum Coke bottles of Karl Lagerfeld. The Ocoo bottle is now one of my favorites.